29 August, 2005

Hard scifi and embarrassing parents

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Today's comic is why I enjoy Freefall as much as I do. It's got hard sci-fi, but it's still funny. This could have been a simple "I want coffee" joke, but instead it's a relationship joke, it's commenting on the use of smells by shops to get customers to buy things, and it's making reference to the fact that the genetically modified wolf, isn't simply a funny looking human. She is differently physically and is aware of those differences, but she isn't afraid to show them with those she likes.

This webcomic has been running since 1998, and like El Goonish Shive it's covered a very short time period (a few weeks at the most). But unlike EGS which has grown and matured as a comic, this has consistently been funny and the tone of the comic hasn't changed at all. If you like today's comic, you'll like the archives.

Questionable Content
(click on the comic for full-sized embarrassment, warning: may not be suitable for younger audiences)

Today's comic has happened to us all (well, maybe not exactly as in the comic). We're reminded (normally in front of our friends) that before we were born our parents were actual people and, like us, they did many things that would be embarrassing.

This storyline has been shown a great dynamic between Martin and his mother, along with his friends. This is another comic that I read because it deals with relationships in an interesting way (although for the most part, it's set in our own world with very little strangeness), and it's great to see a new relationship being explored (however briefly). In the past Jeph Jacques has attempted to explore relationships between family members, and family members and friends. Each time he's attempted to do a family member storyline, it's gotten better.

Oh, and I definitely think today's comic though justifies the comic's name "Questionable Content" ;)

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