27 August, 2005

Is there a bandwagon around here?

I've decided to finally hop on the blogging bandwagon (once more) after having this account for so many years. I'm currently reading Robert Silverberg's Lord Prestimion from his Majipoor series. It's actually quite enjoyable, it's mostly fantasy, but it does have a few sci-fi elements (and is technically classed as sci-fi). Quite enjoyable. Having just recently discovered Robert Silverberg, I've got quite a few good stories I can read.

One of the links I have in the sidebar is to Comic Nation. The webcomics I'm currently reading can be found here. Of them all, I'm most looking forward to El Goonish Shive, which will be updating with a proper comic on Wednesday. The reason I'm looking forward to it is it's had a birthday party storyline going since November of last year (time in webcomics seems to go for much longer then time in other stories, considering Freefall has been running since 1998 and by my estimate has only covered about 3 months at the most) and the storyline is finally reaching it's climax.

The reason I'm looking forward to Wednesday's comic in particular is that the party is a dress-up party with each person having a partner whose outfit they get to chose. One of the characters has a secret crush on the person whose outfit she got to pick, so it should be interesting to see what the outfit is (as all that's currently known is that it is very shocking and black). Funnily enough, while the comic has parrallel worlds, magic and all sorts of crazy things. The aspect that gets me coming back to the comic is the relationships between the characters.

Tomorrow's plan is to do lots of school work so I won't have much to do for the following week, like I did last week. We'll see if it works.


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