29 August, 2005

Now Stuff Sucks in colour

(click on the comic for full-sized colour)

Stuff Sucks has gone from black and white to colour. What's this comic about? Well so far, not much. It's been running since December last year, but an update schedule of once a week means that only 36 comics have been made so far. But what Liz Groenveld has done in those 36 comics makes for an entertaining read.

You won't find any insightful messages hidden within the panels. But instead you'll find a comic about the everyday things that happen in life, like talking to your mother on the phone, going to the local diner, chasing down a shoplifter and proposing to your girlfriend (okay, maybe those last two don't happen every day for most of us).

Most of the strips have a joke hidden away inside them, whether it's a crude breast joke or a situational one like today's. It's a nice little comic that will make you chuckle to yourself, and the artwork has only improved dramatically with the introduction of colour into the strips.


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