28 August, 2005

Star Trek Lives

I just saw on Slashdot that Walter Koenig will be reprising his role as Chekov once more. At first I thought this meant there would be a new Star Trek movie, but nope. He's going to be playing Chekov in the fan-made "show" New Voyages. I think it's incredible that someone like him, would agree to return to his role in a fan-made show. Sure, he might not have ever been one of the most favourite characters (although he was in the main cast) and his career might not be the greatest at the moment, but it's still incredible.

Not only that, but he also seems to consider it an honour! He's said:
“I had pretty well determined that Star Trek and Chekov were part of my past. I mean, who wouldn’t, it’s been nearly forty years since my first “Warp factor four, Keptin”. But then the folks from New Voyages approached and we started kicking around ideas for a Chekov story. It occurred to me that what we were coming up with was what every actor dreams of: a second chance to get it right. An opportunity not only to resurrect a role, but to make of that character a living breathing profoundly human - being. It is almost beyond comprehension that this is happening so late in my life! Talk about belated reward, talk about closure, talk about science fiction! I didn’t believe I could ever again be this excited about performing a part. I guess it isn’t so trite after all: perhaps, all good things do come to those who wait.”
While some of that is probably standard speak for any actor in any role. I'm confident that yes, he is quite excited about the role nontheless. At first the people making the fan episodes only managed to get extra's from the original series (along with backing from Gene Roddenberry's son). So one of the main cast is quite a step up.

Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica said on his blog that with Star Trek: Enterprise cancelled and no plans on any future series or movies, that Star Trek had returned once more to its fans. I can understand now what he meant. Back when TOS was cancelled, fan run magazines popped up with fan fiction. Now, in the 21st century, the same thing is happening, only it's changed along with the technology we now have access to. And I can't think of any better hands for Star Trek to be in at the moment, then its fans.


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