19 September, 2005

The ad... it haunts me.

(click on the thumbnail for full-sized adness)

I kept seeing the above ad over at Comixpedia and it kept calling out to me to click on it. Now normally I'm not susceptible to ads, no matter how good they are. But there was something about the above ad that I just couldn't resist. So I eventually clicked on it, and I was glad I did.

Code Name: Hunter is a webcomic that has previously undergone 3 carnations (one as a text story, the other as a webcomic, the third one as a new take on the previous webcomic). And it's definitely not the worse for wear. It's set in our own world, with one small difference. At the end of WWII magic began to leak into the world once more. Oh, and all of the humans aren't human, but dogs.

The artworks good, and the story is quite interesting. I haven't read the original comic or the text stories (as they're full of spoilers), so I haven't got too much to go on. But from what I've seen, it's a keeper and I'll eagerly be following it as the tale unfolds. Although I just realised. It only updates monthly!


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