14 September, 2005

Back in my day we drove up-hill both ways!

I saw a recent comment about how cars are getting so advanced these days, that people are forgetting how to drive.

And to that all I can respond with is "so?" As long as they don't get into a car they can't drive, what's the problem? It's like manual vs. automatic drivers. Quite a lot of manual drivers go on as if they're so much better because they drive a manual. How much smarter they are. As long as I can get from point A to point B without causing a car crash, I don't care what my car does.

All the new fandangled gadgets cars are getting these days are good if someone's willing to pay for them. Myself, I'm not. But really, who cares if it has all these gadgets? As long as having them doesn't hurt the driver.

I just don't get this superiority over driving. Myself, I eagerly await the day where my car will drive me from point A to point B and I won't have to worry about anything.


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