14 September, 2005

Being busy leads to laziness

I haven't posted in 12 days, at first because I was busy, but it quickly lead to just being plain lazy.

The Webcomic Telethon I mentioned in my last post is underway, and they've reached $21,000 so far (that's American ;)). Which is simply amazing. I only ended up entering one comic (because I've been busy), and it's yet to show up, but keep an eye out for it. There's quite a few good comics that have donated to the telethon (such as this one).

I've been busy with school work, but I've also been busy with my webcomic, which is coming alright. I've got 4 comics done (I'm suppose to have 6 by this Sunday) so I'm on track with creating a buffer. I'm hoping to have 12 comics done by the end of the month. And sure they're a bit rough around the edges, but I'm learning.

I got a good deal the other day, where I was able to get 100% store credit on Robin Hobb's Shaman's Crossing. So I used the rebate to buy her Liveship Traders Trilogy. So I basically got Shaman's Crossing for free (as I was going to buy her Liveship Traders Trilogy anyway :D).
The Liveship Traders Trilogy is the second one in her Realm of the Elderlings universe. Having
recently finished her Farseer Trilogy (which I originally began reading YEARS ago), I have been looking for an excuse to buy the next Trilogy, so this was a good one. Although having said that, I've got 20 books I need to get around to reading. So I really should stop buying books :P But these "100% rebate deals" are very tempting (especially when they're on books I'd already planned to buy).

That's it for today. I hope school and the webcomic (and laziness) don't keep me from posting her more often.


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