16 September, 2005

Donkey Teeth Reruns

(click on the comic for full-sized donkey-teeth)

Queen of Wands is a webcomic that actually finished in February 2005. I started reading it a few months after that. What I've been reading is the re-runs. Yup, a webcomic is actually able to do re-runs.

What's the advantage of reading the re-runs? Well I get it 7-days a week instead of the 3 that it was updating when it was being published. And I also get to see Aerie's comments on each comic, which is great as she dissects her own comic, I can not only pick up on things I had missed when I first read the comic (such as the "donkey teeth" in the first panel), but I get to see her thoughts on the artistic mutations she has over time, and what she felt were the advantages. Comparing the comic on the right to her first comic, and you can definitely see a massive change, and for the good.

Aerie is able to use the "infinite canvas" (perhaps digital canvas would be a better term) of the web in a useful way. Having begun creating my own comic, keeping text bubbles in a confined space is very difficult. So she did away with that by having a larger background in which the panels are confined in. But little things like the background blurring are also great to see compared with her older comics.

Can I use these tools in my own comic? I don't know, I haven't attempted to yet. But seeing someone who has learnt so much and reading her own thoughts is extremely helpful.


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