17 September, 2005

Will Nintendo survive the revolution?

The console gamers have been abuzz with talk of the new controller for the next Nintendo console (which is being called Revolution), and it's control is certainly revolutionary.

I saw this article on it, and despite my first misgivings over it, after seeing it in action I can see that it's certainly going to be... interesting.

You use it by moving the physical device. If you're controlling a character, move the device and the character on your screen moves. At first I thought the A and B were too seperate from the diagonal control, but actually the A is right underneath it with the B and the underside of the control.

Just thinking about it a little bit (well, that and seeing it in action), and I can very quickly see the advantages. In the old sega mega drive days when I would play street fighter, trying to perform an attack was never easy (and mostly done on random luck) as it was a random combination of button pressing (down, left b, a). Now with this remote that should no longer be an issue. I can move my person by using the diagonal part, and attack (with a weapon such as a sword) by moving the remote itself.

When my brother got the webcam thing for his PS2, I thought it a gimmick that wouldn't go anywhere (and well, it hasn't :P). But my aunt saw it as a useful input device for any game. When a menu pops up, you move your hand and tap the air to select which one you want. I pointed out it wouldn't be easier or quicker, and she said no. But it wouldn't be harder or slower. And it would be more intuitive. This remote is more intuitive (I can't count how many times I saw my mum move the remote up when she wanted the character to move on the screen).

However an innovative idea isn't enough to sell the console. It needs the games. The innovative Nintendo DS hasn't used it's dual-screen to a very good advantage, most of it has been rather gratuitous. Here's hoping the Revolution will fare better.


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