07 October, 2005

Monkey law guest strip

(Click image for full-sized monkeyness)

Well my guest strip for Monkey Law was posted today. And he was even kind enough to link to my comic (even though I didn't ask him to, or give him my details). I made it around the time that an article had been published on the extinction (and further endangerment) of various species of ape within two generations. It had a long list of things that can be done to stop this from happening (which I briefly touched on) and when I read it all I could think was "that's nice. None of it will happen though."

Monkey Law's a great little comic that has political humour. And while it has a lot of humour about drugs that I don't agree with, it's still enjoyable. So go check it out, at the worst you'll have wasted 5minutes of your time.


Blogger shez said...

Congrats on your guest strip!!
i loved it

just thought id let you know i havent been able to get into creek_crazy for over a week now, so im temp. using cinoz@tpg.com.au [for msn] if you want to add me, id add you but i cant get into my address book or anything :( i feel lost,lol
Hope life is good for you s.b

8:32 pm  
Blogger Antonio Hicks said...

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