16 November, 2005

School == no update, but so does lazy.

Well it's been quite a while since I last updated this blog. Over a whole month to be exact.

So what have I been up to in that time? On the school front I completed 3 assignments and 3 tests. The one mark I've been given was for an assignment (lazy gits of teachers I've got) and I did pretty good.

On my webcomic front I had to go on hiatus from The Queen's Land to study for my tests (which, while sucks, school comes first). However while that happened, the host I was with (Gutterflycomix) died and is no longer online. However thankfully a good friend of mine Sheri was kind enough to let me host my site on her website (again). And so I've decided to take this time to remake my website using WordPress. That way I don't have to provide any code for RSS or anything like that. So we'll see how that goes :D I'll also be taking the time to move this blog over to the Wordpress site as well, although that won't be a heavy priority. Getting the webcomic back on the web will be.

In webcomics in general, I haven't made any mention of the Webcomic Collective Blank Label Comics except to mention the webcomic telethon they did. They're a group of 9 people who have been very successful in the webcomics community (as such things are measured anyway). Not only did they all (except possibly one) willingly leave Keenspot but at least one of them is able to live off his own webcomic, while another is being forced to continue a comic he finished a year or two ago, because his readers won't stop throwing money at him.

I can't say for sure when I started reading their work, but I've been a fan of Greg Dean's Real Life for many years now and I'm pretty sure I started reading Paul Southworth's Ugly Hill pretty much straight away. As of making this post, I currently read 13 out of the 14 comics (and the reason I'm not reading 14 out of 14 is because there are a lot of archives to get through beforeI've caught up with some of the webcomics).

But it's also been a hub for change this past couple of weeks (and as they Do talk amongst themselves, you have to wonder if it were planned). A few months ago, Greystone Inn finished
and Evil Inc. began. Well a couple of days ago it was officially announced, and not everyone had clued into what had happened already. I guess I knew ahead of most because I'd been going through the website very carefully for research for Comixpedia and had found the news.

Another change was the announcement that Checkerboard Nightmare would be no more (as a webcomic anyway). I was a tad annoyed by this, as I had been making my way through it's archives, but it happens. Fortunately though, Kristopher Straub (it's creator) will continue to work on Starslip Crisis, which I'd begun reading a while ago.

Another big change was Melonpool which has been since 1996! In webcomic years that makes it ancient. However (and I could be wrong with this information), at the moment it has only garnered 4,000 readers! It was around before the greats like Penny-Arcade and Userfriendly, and yet it hasn't gained more then 4,000 readers. So Steve Troop announced a universe reset (where the webcomic would be relaunched, and made in such a way that no previous information would be needed so anyone can hop on board), and to empthasize the point, he removed the archives from online. Now removing the archives is NOT something you do. ESPECIALLY if that archive is 9 years old. But he did it, and more then a few fans were annoyed. I on the other hand was fairly happy.

I've hopped on board with Melonpool and I'm very glad I did. One of the problems he had had in getting readers was they didn't want to read the archive. So he fixed that. And so far, you haven't needed to be a reader of old to understand what's going on. Although I will admit I'm not completely new. I had read some of the strips as well as part of a "new reader guide" so I know a little bit of what happens. I was planning to begin reading the archives after my test next week, so he kinda stopped me. So I bought 3 of the books that are available, and when the newest one is released I'll buy the other 3. I really enjoyed what I saw with the old Melonpool, so I want to read the rest of what happened (which is the majority of the 9 years worth of strips).

And one last thing, I began reading Schlock Mercenary after it recently joined Blank Label, and I'm nearly finished (up to July 2005 of it's 5 year history) and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

That's it in the big news. Hopefully I'll update this a bit more.


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