21 December, 2005

Firefox extensions

I've finally gotten around to adding my extensions, so here's a list of the ones I have now.

This is a great extension that allows a page's CSS component to be modified on the fly. While the changes won't automatically be saved and published, it's great for anyone who has to make webpages. It was very useful with making some tweaks to this blog.

Compact Menu
This is the second best extension I've seen for Firefox. It allows me to chose which elements appear in my menu, and let's me shrink my menu down to one button (as I don't use the menu often this is fine for me), allowing me to free up more screen space. This is one extension I can't live without.

This lets multiple comic pages (that are in a row in a comic's archive) to be displayed in one page. I've never gotten the Slideshow to work, and many webcomic archives simply aren't suited to it, but it is useful for those few that are suited to it, nonetheless.

A bug in Firefox means that anytime the right-click button is pressed when in the bookmarks menu, the bookmarks menu then becomes inaccessible until Firefox has been restarted. However this extension puts a bookmarks menu in the context menu, so I can still access them that way. Very useful for me.

The extension that caused all the problems for me earlier today, but THE most useful extension I've got. It allows people to create "extensions" in JavaScript (that can be installed and uninstalled without restarting Firefox) for specific pages, or the web in general. It's main feature is editing content on a website server-side. I've used this to replace many of my Firefox extensions, but there are many user scripts that just aren't available as extensions by themselves.


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