05 December, 2005

A Schlock Milestone

A hell of a lot of things have been happening in the webcomics happening in the webcomics community lately, so I'll be spending the next few days commenting on them.

One of those things is Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary reached his goal of 2,000 continuous days of posting a webcomic the other day. That's posting a strip every day for over 5 years. That's dedication. And quite frankly, I don't know how he managed it. He had to create 7 strips a week (with three times as much content on Sundays), go to work (he's now managed to make a living off Schlock Mercenary, and rightly so), spend time with his wife, and being a morman I assume he went to church on Sundays at the very least, so that killed Sunday mornings to work on the comic. How he managed to find the time in a day to do the strips and all that other stuff I don't know. Many other webcomic artists have tried and failed at 5 days a week, some such as Penny Arcade have managed to keep a regular schedule of M-W-F, but even they had to resort to filler some of the time.

But not Howard Tayler. No matter what's been happening in his life, he's updated every single day for over 5 years now, and there's no sign he'll stop. The only person whose come close to updating every single day is Chris Crosby of Superosity. I believe he managed 2,163 continuous days before finally missing an update. But there's no indication that Howard will suffer from the same fate, so once he reaches that milestone, I think he'll hold the title of most days updated continuously.

But to merely comment on the fact Howard reached a milestone wouldn't do that day's strip justice. Because he revealed he is going to address an issue he had previously left hanging. An issue I really want to see addressed. I won't say what that is, to find out you'll have to start reading Schlock Mercenary. You can start at the latest "book". Howard's good like that, in that you can pick up with any book, and the previous things that happened that you need to know for that book will be explained. But for the full-effect, it's really best you start at the start.


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