12 September, 2006

Journal Entry #1: I return

It was over two years ago that the DRC disbanded, and I was understandably upset. So much so that I returned home and left D'ni, never to return. Until today.

I had given away my Relto linking book when the DRC disbanded, to someone who was just entering D'ni. I thought to myself, why not? It was uplifting to think that something good was coming from me leaving D'ni. But that meant I haven't been able to journey to D'ni whenever I felt like it.

So a few months ago I finally decided to get ready and to take Yeesha's journey once more. The DRC have returned to D'ni, with plans on track once more to get explorers down into the caverns. I finally left my plane today in New Mexico and hired a taxi to Zandi's land (the taxi driver said to me when I gave him Zandi's address, "huh. Normally people just call that place the Cleft. Never have been able to get a straight answer from any of them though. Y'all a bunch of kooks if you ask me" which brought a grin to my face).

When I rocked up to Zandi's land I climbed over his fence (and missing the journey cloth there) and ran to him. Said a few words to him, he didn't remember me of course. Although he was still listening to that terrible Peter Gabriel song. Yeuch. Perhaps next time I'll bring a CD for him, try to get him to broaden his taste a bit.

It was amazing to walk through the Cleft, where Ti'ana and Atrus grew up. I was able to get Yeesha's message playing easy enough (remembering most of the procedure from last time), I was also able to find all of the journey cloths (although I do worry about the skeleton and telescope being there, outside all the time). I missed all but the one near the fence. I needed Zandi to remind me of that one.

I headed into the tree, looked at the Bahro glyphs (and wondered once more, what the imagers symbols mean. Are they a bahro language?). I got my Relto book and linked to another universe once more. I'll never get over what an amazing rush it is.

I opened up one of the pedestals, which just happened to be the Teledahn one, and headed there straight away. I walked around for a quick bit, although you'll have to remember I just flew in from Australia so I'm pretty tired from jet lag at the moment. It looks very much the same, dangerous in some parts, and yet, the DRC has said this Age is open to the public. I wonder if there are barriers that weren't there today (because some explorer took them for fun or a restoration engineer removed it because he was working on the Age). I should remember to ask one of the DRC if I see them around.

I'm pretty tired after running around the Cleft (I really hate those bridges though. I do not have a head for heights) and the plane trip, so I'm going to get some sleep now. But I couldn't return to D'ni (even though I've yet to reach the cavern) without making a post. I'll try to remember to use this blog to post my journal entries, I'm not using it for anything else after all.


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