20 September, 2006

Journal Entry #2: Starting on the Great Zero Markers

I have my KI and I have entered D'ni since my last entry. I made some goofs with using my KI but the few people there were patient. It's very quiet at the moment. Almost dead. I have completed Teledahn and I was favoured with a sighting of Shroomie. Only a far off one though. I tried taking a KI shot but you can't make it out. I haven't finished Yeesha's original journey, don't have much interest in doing so.

I have entered Phil's Relto, and read Sharper's latest journal. I know, terrible me invading their privacy. And yet, I don't really feel that guilty. I'm starting the Great Zero marker mission.

60143, 1001, -70 is for the balcony in the Bevin Hood overlooking the classroom courtyard.

57325, 110, -79 I suspect is near Tokotah Alley. The third number does refer to evelation as I suspected. As I went up the stairs at Tokotah Alley, it decreased so the Great Zero must be above me. I suspect I need to go up another flight of stairs. The numbers decreased as I went through the courtyard until they suddenly changed to be in the 60,000s as I neared the King's circle thing.. I'm thinking by the time I reach the rope bridge the co-ordinates should be pretty close to what I need. But for now, I'm returning to Relto for a break.


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