02 January, 2007

DS versus PSP

Over at slashdot they had an article on the upcoming year the DS and PSP will have. Being an RPG fan living in Australia, I have very specific tastes on games and so whether or not 2007 is a good year for either handheld for me is another story.

For the PSP I get to look forward to:
* Crisis Core - I'm a FFVII fan from when it was first released. How could I not be interested? Well easy, it looks like they did away with turn based/ATB/anything not too action oriented battles.
* Jeanne d'Arc - A strange enough idea I'm willing to take a closer look at reviews when it comes out.
* Tales of Destiny 2 - The PS2 version wasn't released in America, I don't see why the PSP version will be.
* Tales of Phantasia - Another remake, but this one seems worth it. I also don't have the GBA version yet.
* Tales of the World - I would be interested if its released in Australia.
* Valhalla Knights - Despite its combat system, I'm interested. If its released in Australia.
* Wild Arms XF - I'm interested if its released in my country.

So yeah, not exactly the best line-up so far considering only one of them is guaranteed for Australia, the one I don't want.

The DS on the other hand has no region coding and so any American game is one I can play. For it I can look forward to:
* Dragon Quest IX - I'd like to find out more. However current info points to an action type combat system which is one I dislike. So while I do want more info, my hopes aren't too high.
* Final Fantasy III - Australia hasn't got this yet, but will next year. So I'm looking forward to it.
* Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - I was quite surprised to see this when looking at 2007's line-up for this post. But I'm definitely interested.
* Pokemon Diamond and Pearl - This is the big draw for the DS for me. And given it has online functionality I'll be able to trade. As a 22 year old pokemon fan, I don't know anyone in person who is a fan.
* Vandal Hearts - Vandal Hearts was the first game I ever played on the PSX, so I'm a fan.
* Archaic Sealed Heart - Sounds interesting, if its released in America.
* Heroes of Mana - I've never gotten interested in the Mana series, but I'd like to check this out as I enjoy good strategy RPGs. However the story will be the final determining factor. That and if its released in America
* Final Fantasy Tactics Advance2 - a Sequel? I'm there.

So the DS has a much better line up due to the fact I can import American games. However is 4 games enough to make me fork over $200? Probably not. However 6 is. So which get released in America and which get developed in the future will determine if I get a DS. The PSP on the other hand is a system my brother owns so the cost of entry is $0. But while I will get one or two games for it, I don't see myself getting more then 1 or 2.


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